Combining Art and Functionality

Modern offices and workspaces place a premium on comfort, aesthetics and innovative solutions. One fascinating example of this trend is our latest acoustic realisation with Fovere materials. This intriguing interior concept uses the unique properties of felt to create a unique, elegant and functional environment.



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Felt Walls: Art Meets Function

In this project, the walls were prepared from Fovere felt, a material known for its durability and excellent sound-absorbing properties. The pattern on the felt panels was made to the client’s individual design, allowing for full customisation to suit the unique style and character of the space.

The light grey shade of the acoustic partitions not only blends perfectly with spring green, the leading colour in the office design, but also adds a fresh and spacious feel. The contrast between the subtle grey and the vibrant green creates a harmonious balance that stimulates creativity and promotes a positive atmosphere.

Fovere: Synonymous with quality

The use of Fovere materials in this project is not only an aesthetic choice, but also a guarantee of quality. Known for its innovative solutions and high-end products, Fovere is a leader in the field of interior finishes. This combination not only created a visually appealing effect, but also ensured long-lasting durability and performance.


Our acoustic realisation with Muraspec materials is a perfect example of how innovative materials and individual design can combine to create not only beautiful, but also practical spaces. Together, the light shade of grey, unique patterns and spring green create a harmonious and inspiring atmosphere. This is not only a thoughtful arrangement, but also an expression of our passion for creating spaces that are as functional as they are beautiful.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about this project or any other innovative solutions we can offer. Our mission is to create spaces that combine art, design and functionality to create exceptional environments for working and living.

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