Fovere felt panels have gross dimensions of 3050 mm x 1250 mm x 12 mm. One panel weighs approximately 9.15 kg and has a density of 2.4 kg/m2. Fovere panels are easy to install using the correct mounting adhesive, depending on the type of wall surface and project requirements. Despite the ease of assembling, any fitting of Fovere panels requires special attention and approach.
Fovere products must be handled with care during transport and unloading. The gabbiness and flexibility of a single sheet usually requires two people for montage. This is necessary to avoid deformation of the material. There may also be slight colour variations as Fovere panels are made from recycled fibres. To avoid colour variations, it is recommended to use the same production batch for a given project. When placing your order, please include a technological reserve for unforeseen changes or additions to your project.

We would like to emphasise that it is important to carefully check the entire order prior to delivery or installation. The panels have a front and back side because the fibres are laid differently on both sides. It is necessary to lay the panels in the same direction and, to avoid changes in appearance, use the same side during installation. For large area applications, Fovere panels work best in a mosaic pattern with smaller dimensions. This ensures an even colouring of the surface. To ensure that all sides of the panel have right angles, the panels should always be trimmed. This will result in net panel dimensions of 300 cm/120 cm.

Installation instructions for panels
Catalogue of Fovere realisations