Fovere, are acoustic polyester (PET) panels, made from 70% recycled material and manufactured in 100% in Poland. To produce 1 panel, we need approximately 120 1-litre PET bottles. This is a huge gain for the environment, because thanks to our action, this plastic will not become waste.

The production of the panels takes place in Poland, which significantly affects the carbon footprint, which will be significantly lower compared to any other product of this type on the market. The product’s distribution route is also not insignificant, as it is shortened to a minimum because of its country of origin.

The fact that Fovere is a product created with environmental sustainability in mind is also evidenced by another element of their life cycle. They are recyclable at the end of their useful life.

Safety and aesthetics
We have also made sure that our customers feel as safe as possible with FOVERE acoustics. The material from which Fovere panels are made has been tested by a Polish building products certification body. It is a flame-retardant material, so it can be used in commercial buildings such as offices or hotels, but also in hospitals, schools, kindergartens and private interiors.

The Fovere panel is a highly compressed polyester panel measuring 120/300 cm and 12 or 24 mm thick. The polyester panel is a versatile material for interior use both on ceilings, walls, at desks, on furniture and in various other places. It is an ideal material for creating your own patterns and finishes.