An acoustic set prepared for the office by Alten: Harmony of function and design

Alten’s office has experienced a metamorphosis that combines both aesthetics and functionality. Introducing an innovative acoustic kit that not only complements the interior of the office space, but also improves the sound quality inside.



Make It Your




ALTEN Polska

Lamps – felt in its purest form

The key element of this set are the lamps made of felt. The use of the material – Fovere – has produced amazing effects. The lamps impress with their deep Rust colour. Not only are they a beautiful decorative element, but they also effectively absorb noise, which is extremely important in office spaces where acoustic comfort is key to efficient working.

Wall panels – the artistic touch of Make it Yours

The walls of Alten’s office are now adorned with felt panels, which are also presented in Rust. However, what sets these panels apart from other solutions is the unique pattern designed by the Make it Your studio. This pattern not only adds character to the interior, but also has a practical function, helping to further dampen sound and improve acoustics.

Working with the Make it Yours studio has created a unique, personalised accent in Alten’s office. It is a perfect example of how individual design can work in tandem with functionality, creating a space that is as comfortable as it is aesthetically pleasing.

In Alten’s office, acoustics has become one of the key aspects of design. By combining the functionality of felt lamps and panels with the unique design of the Make it Yours studio, the office space has been given a new dimension. The introduction of these elements is not only a step towards aesthetics, but above all an investment in employee comfort.

We look forward to further projects and innovations that combine design with practical solutions for the offices of the future.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to know more about this project or other innovative solutions we can offer. Our mission is to create spaces that combine art, design and functionality to create exceptional environments for working and living.

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