Acoustic Felt Projects from Muraspec – Harmony of Nature and Design



Welcome to a world where nature meets innovative design! We present to you our latest acoustic felt realisation. It’s a design that combines the beauty of the earth’s natural colours – from the juicy green of the leaves, to the shades of ripe fruit, to the warm colours of the setting sun.

You will not only see eye-catching colours on the walls of our designs, but also attractive surface engravings that add depth and character to any interior. In addition, interesting combinations of patterns will create unique compositions that are a real feast for the eye.

Although the photos we are presenting are still only illustrative, we can already promise that the end result will be just as stunning. We look forward to seeing the final work so that we can share the full effect of our efforts with you.

Remember, if you are looking for a solution to improve the acoustic comfort in your office, hotel, restaurant or any other place – Fovere is at your service. We will tailor our products to the individual needs of each project, ensuring not only functionality but also aesthetics at the highest level.

Follow our news and you won’t miss a moment when our acoustic realisations come to life in full colour and shape!

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