Filc z rolki

Roll felt

  • Roll with dimensions of 150x3000cm.
  • Easy to attach to the wall.
  • Excellent noise reduction.
  • Sold in rolls

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    Technical data


    • Length 30000mm
    • Width 1500mm
    • Thickness 5mm (Felt thickness may vary by 1mm)

    A durable and versatile wallcovering made entirely of polyester fibre, offering a fine finish on one side and a stylish flat pile on the other. It presents itself in a wide range of colours. It is suitable for a variety of applications, including as a furniture upholstery material, wall covering and panel acoustic enhancement element.


    The use of Fovere felt significantly
    improve the acoustics in interiors.


    You can choose a design from our range
    or create your own design
    perfect for your interior


    Felts are made of 70%
    from recycled material