Acoustic images

  • Easy to fix to the wall
  • High-quality finish
  • Excellent acoustic performance
  • Printed on 12mm panel

    Modele 3D są dostępne tylko dla zarejestrowanych użytkowników. Skontaktuj się z nami, aby uzyskać dostęp do naszej bazy danych materiałów, która ułatwi Ci projektowanie przestrzeni przy użyciu naszych produktów.

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    Technical data:


    • Height 900mm
    • Width 600mm
    • Thickness 12mm (Thickness of panels may vary by 1mm)

    Other dimensions can be created on request

    Introducing the ‘Perfect Imperfection’ collection of acoustic paintings by Dagmara Jakubczak, a quintessential combination of ancient motifs and modern aesthetics. It is an invitation to create your own story in spaces where the soul of ancient drawings meets modernity.

    Each pattern in the ‘Perfect Imperfection’ collection tells a story that, despite the passage of time, continues to move and inspire. Like ancient cave drawings that have captivated for millennia with their simplicity and sincerity, our paintings bring these extraordinary stories into contemporary interiors.

    Contemporary murals, adorning urban spaces, and spontaneous chalk drawings are also reflected in this collection. Their characteristic seemingly imperfect lines, unevenness and spontaneity become a source of inspiration. These elements, combined with primitive motifs, create a remarkable harmony and a memorable aesthetic.

    The images are printed in high quality on 12mm Fovere felt, which not only preserves the authenticity of the ancient motifs, but also adds a modern twist. This unique material blends perfectly with current interior design trends.

    The ‘Perfect Imperfection’ collection is more than a wall decoration. It is a story that you can incorporate into your interior, allowing it to tell its own unique story. Discover the magical balance between past and present and let your interior become a canvas for a story.


    The use of Fovere felt significantly
    improve the acoustics in interiors.


    You can choose a design from our range
    or create your own design
    perfect for your interior


    Felts are made of 70%
    from recycled material