Acoustic Realisation from Poznan: Pastel Colours and Eco-friendly Fovere Materials



In the heart of Poznan, a unique acoustic realisation is taking place that makes design lovers’ hearts beat harder. Key to this project are the pastel colours of Fovere, which impress with their subtlety and delicacy. But it is not just the colour that plays a major role here. The textures of this ecological material become an inspiring base for motivational messages.

In line with the idea of Reuse, Recycle, our actions are in line with the company’s philosophy and initiatives, which focus on sustainability. It is interesting to note that all our felts are made from approximately 70% recycled materials, demonstrating our commitment to the environment.

Although the arrangement of the rooms is still in progress, what already adorns the walls is impressive. Among the solutions used are different types of felt Fovere panels. From smooth ones, to those with a striking V-cut, to printed panels or those with raised shapes. Each one brings a unique character and atmosphere to the space.

When you visit our realisation, you not only experience aesthetic pleasure, but also feel the importance of combining design with ecology. This is not just a project – it is a message about how beauty and responsibility can go hand in hand.

We encourage you to follow our next steps in this exciting journey through the world of design, where every detail matters and every choice affects the future of our planet.

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