B1 box


  • Extremely easy to attach, no need for a frame.
  • Supplied ready for assembly.
  • Can be mounted both horizontally and diagonally.
  • Available in 25 colours.

    Modele 3D są dostępne tylko dla zarejestrowanych użytkowników. Skontaktuj się z nami, aby uzyskać dostęp do naszej bazy danych materiałów, która ułatwi Ci projektowanie przestrzeni przy użyciu naszych produktów.

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    Technical data


    • Length 500mm
    • Width 500mm
    • Thickness 12mm (Thickness of panels may vary by 1mm)
    • Height B1 – 3cm
    • Height B2 – 6cm
    • Height B3 – 3-6cm

    It is amazing how something as mundane as a box can become a true masterpiece of design and functionality. Our felt boxes are not only practical furnishing items, but also an innovative solution for acoustics.

    Made from high-quality felt, these boxes effectively absorb and disperse sound, minimising noise and echoes in rooms. This makes them an indispensable addition in spaces where acoustic comfort is key – from offices to urban flats.

    However, the functionality of felt boxes is only the beginning of their advantages. Thanks to the variety of colours, they can be used to create real spatial wall compositions. Imagine a wall on which different coloured boxes are arranged, creating a unique, three-dimensional image. It’s a combination of art and design that catches the eye and makes the interior unique.

    In short, our felt boxes are the perfect way to bring both aesthetics and functionality to an interior. They add character to any space and make it more user-friendly.


    The use of Fovere felt significantly
    improve the acoustics in interiors.


    You can choose a design from our range
    or create your own design
    perfect for your interior


    Felts are made of 70%
    from recycled material